INGYENES CIE szabványok a COVID-19 vírus terjedésének csökkentése érdekében

3 hónapig ingyenesen elérhető 2 CIE tanulmány az UV fertőtlenítéssel kapcsolatban, melyek a lenti linkre kattintva érhetők el.

Supporting the global action to reduce the transmission of COVID-19
CIE releases two key publications on ultraviolet radiation disinfection –  for FREE

CIE has published a number of technical reports and international standards over the years on the topic of ultraviolet radiation, how to measure it, its effects and uses – including its use as a way of disinfection.

To support the international community at this time the CIE is making two of its key publications in this area freely available for the next three months.

Other relevant publications on this topic are available from the CIE WebShop. Members of a National Committee of the CIE can purchase these with a discount of 66.7 % – contact your NC or ANC  for information on this.

BE AWARE: CIE, in agreement with the WHO, warns against UV disinfection lamps  to sterilize hands or any other area of skin.