Megjelent a CIE #28-as számú hírlevele

This newsletter is a brief catch up on CIE activities this year, including the regular sections on new Technical Committees and publications. 

CIE Events

It’s been a busy year for CIE events and the last few months of the year will be no exception, with the National Committee of Russia hosting a CIE Tutorial and Practical Workshop on CIE S 025.

This year saw the first of the CIE Topical Conference Series, the CIE 2018 Smart Lighting Conference, hosted by our Associate National Committee (ANC) of Chinese Taipei. The conference was held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, right next to Taipei 101, which standing at 509.2 m, was classified as the tallest building in the world until 2011. The conference was attended by over 200 participants with total 115 presentations. This was a great turnout, given that this conference was held only seven months after our midterm meeting, which was held on Jeju Island in South Korea in October 2017.
The entire event included the conference itself, two days of tutorials – on colour vision and healthful lighting – and a site demonstration of smart lighting at the harbour of Keelung City. Our hosts CIE ANC Chinese Taipei did a great job in preparing the venue and organizing all events so that all participants were made to feel welcome and could comfortably participate in the event.
During the conference, there were many good papers on psychophysical effects of spectrum/CCT, health and well-being, and other lighting quality aspects; these made good scientific contributions and all underpin the development of reliable smart lighting applications.  

Once again a big thanks to ANC Chinese Taipei for a truly successful event.  Lastly, we look forward to seeing you all next year at the 29th Quadrennial Session of the CIE, which will be held in Washington DC, from June 14 – 22, 2019 – this is a date to add to your calendar!

Yoshi Ohno, CIE President