A CIE új látássérültek és idősek részére készült beltéri világítás ajánlása

Lighting for Older People and People with Visual Impairment in Buildings

CIE 227:2017

ISBN 978-3-901906-96-1
DOI: 10.25039/TR.227.2017    

This report summarizes lighting recommendations on lighting and visual environment in interior spaces such as offices, public spaces, and residences for healthy older people (defined as people aged 50 years and older) with normal vision, and people with low vision, and implements guidelines described in CIE 196:2011 into practical solutions.
The report provides (1) illuminance recommendations, derived from simulations with existing visual models for older people, (2) state of art of studies on how light helps people with low vision see objects by reviewing recent literature, and (3) design guidelines for lighting practitioners how to design appropriate visual environments for people with low vision.
The publication is written in English, with a short summary in French and German. It consists of 73 pages with 46 figures and 9 tables and is readily available from the CIE Webshop or from the National Committees of the CIE.

The following members of TC 3-44 “Lighting for older people and people with visual impairment in buildings“ took part in the preparation of this Technical Report. The committee comes under Division 3 “Interior Environment and Lighting Design”.


  • Akashi, Y. (Chair) Japan
  • Akizuki, Y. Japan
  • Cobham, M. Netherlands
  • Itoh, N. Japan
  • Miller, N.J. USA
  • Schlangen, L.J.M. Netherlands
  • van den Broek Cools, J.H.F. Netherlands


  • Chen, C.-Y. Chinese Taipei
  • Góven, T. Sweden
  • Kitamura, S. Japan
  • Sagawa, K. Japan