A Világítástechnikai Társaság Vezetősége és tagsága megrendülten értesült, hogy Schanda Professzor úr hazatért. Dr. Schanda János nemcsak a színtan, színmérés, LED technika legnagyobb alakja mind hazai, mind nemzetközi szinten, hanem a gyakorlati általános világítástechnikának is elismert tudója volt. Tudása, embersége, áldozatkészsége máris hiányzik. Halála pótolhatatlan veszteség mindannyiunknak.
A közös bánatban együttérzéssel fordulunk a család felé is.

VTT Vezetősége, Tagsága nevében
Nagy János elnök

Dear Sándor,

Dear Hungarian Colleagues,

With great regret we received the news of Professor Doctor János Schanda passing away. We were in touch with János Schanda for more than half a century, since the fifteenth CIE session in Vienna in 1963. Our relationships were both professional and organizational, when He was the CIE Vice President and later the creator of CIE Office in Vienna, the CIE secretary and a co-organizer of the international lighting events in Hungary, including Hajdúszoboszló, Budapest and LumenV4 conferences.

We were meeting Doctor János Schanda on many international conferences (CIE, AIC, Right Light, Lux Europe). During all our meetings we took advantage of His knowledge and in all János was for us not only the authority but also a great friend.

We would like to express our sincere condolences On behalf of the Polish friends from the Polish Committee on Illumination

Jan Kossakowski, CIE Poland President 1978-1988, 1991-1994
Jan Grzonkowski, CIE Poland President 1994-2014
Piotr Pracki, CIE Poland President 2014-

Dear Members of the CIE Community,

It is with great sadness that I inform you that Professor Janos Schanda passed away last night. I know that Janos will be remembered by very many of you, and you will wish to pay your condolences. At this time we have no other news, but as soon as we are made aware of further details we will let you know. I have asked Peter Csuti of the Hungarian NC to let us know how best to convey messages from CIE members.
Meanwhile, our thoughts are with the Schanda family.

Best regards,
Ann Webb
CIE President

Dear Sandor Almasi!

It is indeed sad news. Dr. J.Szanda was well known to us. He was our Colleague and Authority in the field of lighting technology. We will miss him. Lighting technology has suffered a great loss.

Best regards
Wojciech Żagan

I would like to offer my deepest condolences to the loving family, the Hungarian lighting community and the Hungarian National Committee on Illumination and Lighting Society.

May God grant Professor Schanda Janos peace and the well-deserved rest.

Professor Florin POP

Dear Sandor Almasi,

your last information is shock for me. Please accept my heartfelt sympathies for loss extraordinary scientist and lecturer. Prof. Schanda was, is and will be the best scientist. Many thanks for his contribution in the development of the lighting engineering and cooperation betwen Hungarian Lighting Society and Slovak Lighting Society.

With best regards,
Stanislav Darula

Dear colleagues,

I'm sorry to inform you that Professor Janos Schanda passed away last night. We will keep you updated so to be able to honor Janos duly. RIP

Peter Blattner

Dear Peter and colleagues,

It was a big sad news. I firstly meet Janos in the year of 2004 in Tokyo. Prof. Janos Schanda has contributed huge wisdom and knowlodge to the CIE. Many of the Chinese Society in the CIE and in lighting industry will always remember Prof. Janos Schanda.


Sad indeed. He was a long-standing contributor to CIE, knowledgable, always approachable and will be missed.

Jim Gardner

This is a terrible loss to the Lighting Community. May his soul RIP.

S. Venkataramani

Dear Peter,

Thank you for letting me know this very sad news. Janos will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him, and I personally feel greatly saddened by the loss of someone I regarded as both a mentor and a friend. Please pass on my sincere condolences to his family.

Kind regards

Dear Sándor,

It is a great regret and sadness of the loss of our János that all we share in our Slovak Lighting Society, please accept our deepest condolence.
Please, keep us informed about the date of funeral when it will be known to You.


Dear Peter,

Janos was working till last …  He was really the great scientist.  It is our huge loss.   He left us behind.  I really miss him.  Thanks again for the information.  We will try to honor Janos greatly in Manchester.


Dear Peter,

I was utterly shocked to receive the dreadful news from CIE about Janos. He had been telling me to take care but gave no indication that he was unwell. Do you know what happened to him to cause his death?

Kind regards
David MacGowan

Kedves Péter,

Szeretném részvétemet nyilvánítani, feleségem és a gyerekek nevében is. Számomra Ö egy abszolút példakép, egy kiteljesedett élet megtestesitöje, minden tekintetben. Nemcsak tanító, hanem barát is volt.

Bodrogi Péter a család nevében is

Dear Agnes, dear Peter, dear Ferenc,

with great sorrow I got the message that Janos has passed away. Please accept my warmest condolence and – if possible –pass it on to his family. It is not so long ago that we met in Budapest and Veszprém. On the way back from the university he show me his little cottage next to the lake. On many occasions we met all around the world.

He will be missed very much. 

With best regards,
Peter Dehoff