Prof. Schanda János – In Memoriam

Florin Pop emlékezése:

In Memoriam of Professor SCHANDA Janos

Professor Schanda dedicated more than half of a century to Light&Lighting. He activated in the CIE Board as secretary and vice-president. He also served as President of the Lighting Society of Hungary, member of the Optical Society of America, of The Society for Imaging Science and Technology, 

member of several Hungarian Societies in the fields of light and lighting and optical measurements, past vice-president of the Board of the International Colour Association (AIC). He was on the editorial/international advisory board of Color Res. & Appl., USA, Lighting Research & Technology, UK, Light & Engineering, Russia, Journal of Light & Visual Environment, Japan and Ingineria Iluminatului – Journal of Lighting Engineering, Romania, member of the Advisory Board of the Colour & Imaging Institute, Art & Science Research Centre, Tsinghua University, China (since 2010), recipient of the Newton Medal of the British Colour Group (2010) and the de Boer Pin award (CIE 2011).

Professor Schanda is and will always be in my memory as one of the foreign professors understanding well our needs, offering us his strong professional support. I am honoured to have had a friendship relation with him.

The day when I opened the letter with his Invitation to join the international lighting field on the 1992 CIE Seminar of Computer Programs for Light and Lightingchanged my life forever. That was my first participation at a lighting conference organized in the Western world, after the political changes in our countries. There and then I met my future friends, professors or professionals working in the lighting field, people supporting our further steps to enhance lighting knowledge and to uphold Romanian lighting development.

Professor Schanda assistedprofessionally and honoured with his presence all our efforts to promote ILUMINAT conferences 2001-2009 and INGINERIA ILUMINATULUI – Journal of Lighting Engineering – (since 2001), with lectures and technical papers.

I would like to offer my deepest condolences to the loving family, the Hungarian lighting community and the Hungarian National Committee on Illumination and Lighting Society.

May God grant Professor Schanda Janos peace and the well-deserved rest.

Professor Florin POP

March 2015

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Professor Schanda Janos also honoured my 65th anniversary in February 2009