8th Conferenza del Colore

13-14 September 2012 – BOLOGNA
Università di Bologna, Engineering Faculty
Viale Risorgimento, 2 – 40136 Bologna
www.gruppodelcolore.it – SIOF

Aim of the conference is to encourage multi and interdisciplinary aggregation of the research centres and people that deal with color and light from a professional and scientific point of view. Conference will be opened (in early morning) by a series of tutorials about different color related topic. Works will continue with the presentations of the submitted works.


Themes Of Interest For The Conference

1. COLOR  AND  MEASUREMENT  /  PRODUCTION.  Colorimetry,  photometry  and  color  atlas:  method, theory and instrumentation.
2. COLOR  AND  DIGITAL.  Reproduction,  management,  digital  color  correction,  image  processing, graphics, photography, printmaking, video  production, artificial vision, virtual reality.
3. COLOR  AND  LIGHTING.  Metamerism,  color  rendering,  adaptation,  color  constancy,  appearance, illusions, memory color and perception, color in extra-atmospheric environments, lighting design.
4. COLOR  AND  PHYSIOLOGY.  Mechanisms  of  vision  in  their  experimental  and  theoretical  aspects, deficiencies, abnormalities, clinical and biological aspects.
5. COLOR AND PSYCHOLOGY. Phenomenology of color, perceptive, emotional, aesthetic and diagnostic aspects.
6. COLOR AND PRODUCTS. Foods and beverages, textiles, plastics, ceramics, paints.
7. COLOR  AND  RESTORATION.  Archaeometry,  painting  materials,  diagnostics  and  techniques  of conservation,  restoration  and  enhancement  of  cultural  heritage,  coloring  and  architectural  syntax, territorial identities.
8. COLOR AND BUILT ENVIRONMENT. Urban planning, plans of color, architecture.
9. COLOR  AND  DESIGN.  Furniture,  design,  fashion, textiles,  graphics,  communication,  packaging, lettering, cosmetics.
10. COLOR  AND  CULTURE.  Art,  history,  philosophy,  anthropology,  sociology,  aesthetics,  representation and design, lexicology, semantics.
11. COLOR AND EDUCATION. Pedagogy, color’s didactics, aesthetic education, artistic education.
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