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Dear LUX-members,


The incandescent lamp has been tremendously important to interior lighting for over 130 years but that is now coming to an end. The ban on the production of incandescent lamps has compelled us to start using other sources of light. Alternatives do indeed exist but are not suitable in all cases. A historic interior, for instance, requires specific lighting.



The Dutch Government Buildings Agency owns a large number of monuments. When the use of incandescent lamps in these buildings is inevitably phased out, alternatives must be available. This publication reflects the results of research and many years of experience. It offers insight into current possibilities and shows the available options, serving to guide all those engaged in the maintenance, operation or occupancy of historic buildings in their choice of new forms of lighting. 

This publication simultaneously addresses the manufacturers of light sources. Our findings clarify which specific properties light sources require in order to ensure optimum use in historic interiors.

Because it is published in English I thought it might be of interest for you, your colleagues or members.




Met hartelijke groet, 


Geertje E. Hazenberg  


Nederlandse Stichting Voor Verlichtingskunde


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